We want to thank all of our dear guest! We are very thankful for the feed back and you love. See you soon!
Kozeen Shiwan

“Someone needs to have the courage to lead the way.

I have created an entirely new world of taste sensations from Middle Eastern flavours. I have returned to my roots – to where I come from.

There is a story behind every dish I create. They are based on foods that shaped my identity as a child in Iraq, as a young man in Lahti in Finland, and as an adult in the world of top restaurants. I have used traditional ingredients to prepare high-quality dishes in a modern manner. They are combinations of the past, the present and the future – which I hope will be sweet!

You can enjoy the whole menu or pop in for a glass of wine and a meal. In our times, it’s important that food gives us joy.”


Kozeen Shiwan

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Kozeen Shiwan returns to his roots

“There is a story behind every dish I create”
My signature dish, King Potato, is on the menu as a new version, King Potato Jr, enjoyed with a delicious sauce made from pickled mango.
Kozeen Shiwan

We invite you to create new experiences

Foodolo is developing new restaurants. First we created Baobao, which serves bao buns, and now we are introducing delicacies from the Middle East.

Enriching the restaurant scene in Helsinki is close to our hearts. We want to offer you new experiences – in cooperation with you and other fans of good food.

We invite you to experience something unique – and are looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and thoughts! Our fundamental principle is co-development, and feedback from our customers is reflected in our restaurant.

”I have extensive experience as a restaurateur, but this is something I have been awaiting for a long time: to create and develop restaurants together with customers. You are more than welcome to join our team!”
Restaurateur Pekka Terävä